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2000 compliance

 What do YOU think will happen when the clock strikes 12 midnight on December 31,1999?

Are you going to be postponing the  celebration to make sure that your computer doesn't eat itself alive?

The year 2000 poses significant computational ramifications for computer users around the world. While conventional wisdom has suggested this will primarily affect most mainframe users, the problem does not end there. Software that is not "Year 2000 Compliant" can affect applications ranging from your network operating system to your general office productivity software and everything in-between.

Depending on the age of your hardware the Year 2000 phenomenon could also affect the internal clocks of personal computers and thereby affect software running on such systems.

The problem is considered so significant that some experts predict it could cause a minor recession especially if the federal government's systems are not in compliance when the year 2000 rolls around.

Synergy Data Solutions will be glad to inspect your network, allied systems and applications to determine if you are "Year 2000 Compliant". If your systems are not compliant we will take the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

Please e-mail or call at (217) 356-2522 for more information.

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